Bullpup Band

Our youngest ensemble, the 5th grade Bullpup Band, is our beginning level group. This group is primarily led by Mr. Sneath with a strong team effort from Mr. Smith. The focus of this ensemble is to teach all the beginning fundamental playing techniques, music reading, musical symbols and rhythm concepts to these students. This is a very exciting group as they are all really thrilled to begin learning how to play an instrument and how to be part of a team. Students are required to carry a notebook and their Standard of Excellence to class at all times. Class requirements also include practice records, class quizzes and, individual as well as ensemble, playing tests.

The 5th grade Bullpup Band meets three days a week during first period. This group plays in four concerts every year including the Christmas concert, Sweetheart Concert, Grandparents Day Concert and the Spring Concert. To learn more about the 5th grade Bullpup Band please contact Ms. Ferris.

Materials for class:
Band binder
Band book
Pencil Bag (with two dedicated band pencils)
Instrument (In good working order)
Instrument accessories (different for each instrument, i.e. valve oil, reeds, stick bag and sticks)

 2017-2018 5th grade Bullpup Band


Betterton, William
Booker, Reid
Boyle, Jackson
Colson, Sydney
Geoffroy, Hudson
Grossman, Ashton
Harkins, Will
Hill, Ashley
Keebaugh, Foster
O’Lenick, Ty
Shannahan, McNair
Wright, Zachary
Chatham, Aidan
Fellows, Charles
Gordon, Bailey
Green, Carolina
Harrison, Marilyn
Lang, Ellie
Sandema, Morgan
Schroeder, Austin
Tanase, Julia
Bond, Alexis
Boyle, Braden
Byers, Hayden
Ewing, Landon
Gibson, Leah
Hicks, Ada
Mashburn, Anna
Moseley, Jackson
Shekarbakht, Moneli
Woodard, Joshua

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