Concert Ensemble

Concert Ensemble is our second band in which the students from 7th to 12th grade meet to further their skills in band. The focus of this class is to enhance the foundation of materials learned from the previous years in band. The goal of this group is for each individual to eventually move into the symphonic winds.

The curriculum for this class includes teamwork, student leadership, basic musical concepts, tuning, intonation recognition of notes and rhythms, some small ensemble work and individual achievement on all these elements for a class grade.

This group has three concerts every school year including a Christmas concert, a Spring concert and also has the opportunity to be a part of the Spring Festival that the directors decide upon. Past trips for Spring Festival have included Chattanooga and Atlanta.  Consideration for this group is primarily based on past performance in class and by recommendation of the band directors.

Other opportunities for the members of this group include trying out for District 14 Honor Band, All State Band and several other honor groups around the Atlanta area.  For more information about how to be a part of this group, contact Mr. Smith. 

Materials for class:
Instrument (in good working condition)
Foundations Book
Any and all materials passed out in class
Great Attitude

2017-2018 GWA Concert Ensemble

Sarah Blackstone
Evelyn Echols

Mason Lee
Gracie Wood
Olivia Wood

Alto Sax
Alex McMunn
Jackson Treadaway
Cody Peters
Will Hames

Nic Lo
Kene Pugh
Russel Moore
Robert Wilkinson
Jackson Music
Daniel Harkins
Julian Brown

French Horn
Claire Volk
Aly Brown
Madison Smith

Mac Geoffroy
Mike Pulliam
Logan Lewis

Benton Doster
Emma Barley
Ben Sydnor

Liam Chirrey
Jake Moore
Will Lewis

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