Percussion Class

Our percussion class was designed to enhance and challenge our percussion students here at George Walton. Students in this class are 7th through 12th grade. The focus of this class is to further enhance skills on the various percussion instruments and also a better understanding of basic rhythms, music theory, performance practices/etiquette and technique.

This group meets every day and has a full curriculum including marching percussion, concert percussion, percussion ensemble and individual performance techniques and understandings. These students will also have the opportunity to try out for the GMEA District 14 Honor Band and Georgia All State Band. The concert schedule for these students are the Christmas Concert and the Spring Concert.

We also have the added benefit of having our percussion staff come in and work with these students during this class time. On occasion they can further work one on one with these students and help them further their skills.

For more information about the Percussion class, please contact Mr. Sneath or Lance Kindl , our Percussion Caption Head/Director of Percussion.

Materials for class:
Percussion Notebook
Any and all materials passed out in class
Stick Bag (with correct sticks)
Rhythm Workbook, Dexterity Book, and Keyboard Book
Great Attitude!

2015-2016 Percussion Class
Helen Menard
Joey Rockmore
Will Bowick
Hank Vidrine
Evan Fennell
Graham Fenn
Delaney Shaw
Logan Thompson
Cole Aukes
Brenan Holston
Colin Fennell
Nico Jacoby
Amari Gill
Zachary Flynn

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